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About Recreational Soccer

The Recreation Soccer League sponsored by MUSA is for children, boys and girls, 3 – 9 years of age and is an ideal and vibrant entry point for players to be introduced to the sport, play with friends, and participate on a team. Rec Soccer is open to all players and is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players. No tryouts are required to join a team.
Rec Soccer is an "in town" league where all games are played against other MUSA Rec Soccer teams of the same age. Our philosophy is to provide a positive environment for the development and enjoyment of soccer for area youth to have fun and learn about soccer fundamentals in a non-threatening environment. Score is not kept.
The goal of MUSA’s Recreation Soccer League is to give each player the opportunity to develop a solid foundation of soccer skills while playing in a fun environment. In the Fall and Spring seasons children are placed on teams by age group.

Age Groups

U4, under 4 years old (born in 2016)
U5, under 5 years old (born in 2015)
U6, under 6 years old (born in 2014)
U7, under 7 years old (born in 2013)
U8, under 8 years old (born in 2012)
U9, under 9 years old (born in 2011)
U10, under 10 years old (born in 2010)

player development

As part of MUSA's Long Term Player Development Plan and ongoing efforts to develop players who love the game of soccer, the Board of Directors recently adopted a new format for our players, Foundations: Player Development Guide.

The goal was to see if there was a better way to develop technically skilled, tactically savvy players who were passionate about the game. We wanted to get more players involved with soccer and keep them playing longer. In addition, we wanted to provide an on-going coach training process to help parents who want to be involved become better coaches.

The Foundations: Player Development Guide consists of skills training curriculums aimed at exposing younger players to the sport, developing soccer-related skills and foot/ball control in a non-competitive fun environment.

For our recreational players, Foundations: Player Development Guide includes two skills training curriculums:  First Kick and Kick Start.


Age Groups: 

  • U4, under 4 years old (born in 2016)
  • U5, under 5 years old (born in 2015)
  • U6, under 6 years old (born in 2014)

1st Kick is MUSA’s introductory soccer program for U5 and U6 focusing on the non-competitive, fun development of soccer-related skills, including balance, coordination, and foot skill and ball control. Each player engages 1:1 with a ball and they want to touch it as often as possible, because that’s fun. No soccer experience is necessary.


Age Groups: 

  • U7, under 7 years old (born in 2013)
  • U8, under 8 years old (born in 2012)
  • U9, under 9 years old (born in 2011)
  • U10, under 10 years old (born in 2010)

Kick Start is MUSA’s clinic format program that emphasizes skill development through age appropriate games and activities for U7 through U10 age groups. This is the age group where players can begin to understand the concept of working with a teammate and the willingness to intentionally pass the ball to someone. The “two players-one ball” concept encourages activities in which players are sharing a ball. Players will learn the basics of dribbling, shooting and team play in a fun and engaging way. No soccer experience is necessary.


Each First Kick and Kick Start session typically runs between 45 to 60 minutes, just enough time and not too much before we lose their attention! One session per week over an eight (8) week season offered during the spring and fall seasons.

  • 8 week practice/game schedule - Saturday mornings

General Information - each session will be in two phases:

1)  Skill Development: (practice)

Through fun, soccer related activities (approximately 20 - 30 minutes).

  • Players are assigned to teams with volunteer parent coaches to work with the children.
  • Players will train thru play of fun and imaginative game like activities that draw out the skill in the player.
  • The fun games will come from the MUSA curriculum library for each session. Children will be given water breaks during the fun games as needed.

2)  Small Sided Game: (match)

Each practice/game session ends after playing a small sided game (approximately 20 - 30 minutes).

  • Games are played against other MUSA Rec Soccer teams of the same age 4 v 4 or 3 v 3 in a small field setting
  • No Goalkeepers at this age group.  All fields equipped with a no touch box in front of each net to prevent goalkeeping.
  • New Ball and Loose Boundaries methods will be used.

All practice/game sessions are held outdoors, on Saturday mornings at All Wars Memorial Park fields, Linwood weather and field conditions permitting.  Schedule can be found here.

Coaches run practice prior to actual games against other teams; children are taught soccer skills through fun games. While the coaches will contact the teams prior to opening day, practices/games will not commence until Opening Day.

Over the course of each season, children play 8 small-sided games, weather and field conditions permitting. With small-sided games, each player gets to participate fully in the game and children are able to maximize their number of touches to the ball. 

PRACTICE/GAME CANCELLATIONS/RESCHEDULES: Session cancellations and reschedules are communicated through email, coaches, our homepage and on our Rainout text messaging system.


Registration for Recreation Soccer League typically opens seven (7) weekends prior to first scheduled practice/game day. Players and volunteers complete ONLINE Registration at:

  • REGULAR Online Registration 40 days (approximate)
  • LATE Online Registration 8 days (approximate)
  • WALK-ON Registration is opening day, the day of the first scheduled game.

Registration schedule notices are broadcast via e-mail, school backpack distribution and announced via website page.

All of the following discounts and fees will be applied at check-out where applicable.

Online Registration Fee

$75 each player.

LATE Online Registration Fee

add $5 each player ($75 + $5 ea).

WALK-ON LATE Registration Fee

Held at the field.

add $10 each player ($75 + $10 ea).,
no multi-player discount

Families with multiple players are eligible for discount (late fees apply):

Online Registration Fee

$75 per player for the 1st player registered.

$55 per player for additional players registered

LATE Online Registration Fee

add $5 each player

A team uniform t-shirt is included with this registration fee. Further uniform direction will be provided to the parents once teams are formed. LATE registration players may experience a delay in receiving their uniform t-shirt.






(4 years old)

Each child receives a team uniform t-shirt.

Each child receives a participation medal/trophy.

Parents must provide soccer shoes, shin guards, shorts and a water bottle for their player(s), each session.

Shin guards will protect your player if they are accidently kicked by another player. It happens! But doesn't hurt as much if shin guards are worn.

Soccer cleats are not required at this age, athletic sneakers are appropriate to wear.


(5 years old)


(5 years old)


1st Grade
(6 years old)

Each child receives a participation certificate.

U8 to U10

2nd -4th Grade
(7 to 9 years old)

We do consider scholarship opportunities, you may apply during registration or contact a board member. We are happy to accept volunteer work  in trade if possible! See scholarship section of this website.

All cancelled registrations are subject to an administrative/cost fee of $15 to be deducted from the refund amount. All refunds are by check.

Donations are not refundable.

Refund requests will be taken prior to the first session (Opening Day) for Rec Soccer players or prior to your player being placed on a team. After that we will not issue refunds due to uniform and administrative costs.

You may choose to pay by credit card or mail a check to us. All registration fees are due within 10 days of registration. Registrations may be cancelled if not paid for within 10 days.

Questions? Please email us at  [email protected]



Martin Photography (1008 Bartlett Avenue, Linwood, 609-484-8888) will be taking team and individual player photographs during the fall season.  Order forms will be distributed shortly through your coach and an exact schedule of your teams time will be posted below.

PHOTO SCHEDULE FOR November 17, 2018

U5 Boys
Orange and Green 8:45 am
Black and Navy Blue 8:50 am
Red and Yellow 8:55 am

U6 Boys
Grey and Orange 11:05 am
Black and Blue 11:10 am
Light Blue and Yellow 11:15 am

U7 Boys
Orange and Light Blue 10:05 am
Navy Blue and Red 10:10 am
Green and Blue 10:15 am

U8 to U10 Boys
Black and Light Blue 10:45 am
Red and Blue 10:50 am
Grey and Navy Blue 10:55 am

PHOTO SCHEDULE FOR December 1, 2018

U4 Coed
Black and Blue 10:05 am
Grey and Navy Blue 10:10 am
Red and Light Blue 10:15 am

U5 Girls
Orange and Light Blue 8:50 am
Yellow and Green 8:55 am

U6 Girls
Grey and Yellow 11:05 am
Red and Navy Blue 11:10 am
Green and Black 11:15 am

U7 Girls
Black and Grey 9:45 am
Orange and Light Blue 9:50 am
Yellow and Blue 9:55 am

U8 to U10 Girls
Red and Grey 10:45 am
Green and Navy Blue 10:50 am
Yellow and Blue 10:55 am

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