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Soccerween is a Halloween themed one day tournament on Friday October 25, 2019 where players play in costume and is held in Linwood, NJ.  The tournament is open to players between 5 - 13 years of age.  All teams will be guaranteed 3 spook-tacular games throughout the tournament.  There will be trophies for the winners and runners-up, along with special prizes for the most creative costumes and best dressed teams/coaches!

Game format will be a 20-minute 4v4 game with a 4 x 6 foot net on a 60'x90' field.  Teams are encouraged to wear costumes.  This is a one day tournament.  Soccerween welcomes both Elite Club and Town teams and all teams are placed appropriately.

REGISTRATION:  All registration must occur through  For registration link click here.  You need a seperate account for each team so you may need to create a new account for your 2nd team.  If you need assistance registering through please contact us at [email protected]

Cost to play in the tournament is $125 but clubs that register five (5) or more teams will receive a $25 discount per team.  If you know your club will be registering 5 or more teams, please contact us at [email protected]

Please check in at the registration table at least 30 minutes before your first game.  Registration table will open at 5:30 pm.  That is when the DJ and other activities will start too.

First games will start at 6 pm and last games will start at 8:30 pm.  All games start on the hour and half hour.

No males can play in a female division.  Females can play in a male division.  Co-ed teams will be placed in the male division.

Maximum roster size is 8 players, We recommend 6 players.  Traditional travel team rosters should split into 2 or more teams.


In divisions with 6 or 7 teams, the teams only show 2 games on their schedules.  For the 3rd game for these teams, there will be a playoff that will match 1st place in bracket A versus 1st place in bracket B, 2nd place in bracket A versus 2nd place in bracket B, 3rd place in bracket A versus 3rd place in bracket B.  Below are the field locations and times for playoff games.  Check online or at the scorers table near the snack bar for exact team placement.

U9 Boys
1st Goblins A vs 1st Goblins B - 8 pm - Field 3
2nd Goblins A vs 2nd Goblins B - 8 pm - Field 7
3rd Goblins A vs 3rd Goblins B - 8 pm - Field 8

U9 Girls
1st Ghosts A vs 1st Ghosts B - 8 pm - Field 1
2nd Ghosts A vs 2nd Ghosts B - 8 pm - Field 2
3rd Ghosts A vs 3rd Ghosts B - 8 pm - Field 4

U10 Boys
1st Orges A vs 1st Orges B - 8:30 pm - Field 10
2nd Orges A vs 2nd Orges B - 8:30 pm - Field 11
3rd Orges A vs 3rd Orges B - 8:30 pm - Field 14

U10 Girls
1st Witches A vs 1st Witches B - 8:30 pm - Field 4
2nd Witches A vs 2nd Witches  B - 8:30 pm - Field 7
3rd Witches A vs 3rd Witches B - 8:30 pm - Field 8
4th Witches A - no game


U8 Girls
EHT Pumpkins 2012
MUSA Mustangs 1
MUSA Mustangs 2*

U8 Boys
Cape Express Whitecaps
Cape Express Bandits
MUSA Mustangs 1
MUSA Mustangs 2*

U9 Girls
Cape Express Galaxy
Hammonton Heat
MUSA Thunder
MUSA Thunder 2
MUSA Lightning
MUSA Lightning 2

U9 Boys
Cape Express Ambush
Cape Express Surge
MUSA Mustangs 1
MUSA Mustangs 2
MUSA Mustangs 3
MUSA Mustangs 4

U10 Girls
Cape Express Mayhem 1
Cape Express Mayhem 2
Franklin Twp Fireflies
MUSA Mustangs 1
MUSA Mustangs 2
MUSA Stangs 1
MUSA Stangs 2

U10 Boys
Cape Express Blue Crush
MUSA Sharks 1
MUSA Sharks 2
MUSA Sharks 3

U11 Girls
EHT Lady Eagles 1
EHT Lady Eagles 2
MUSA Mustangs 1
MUSA Mustangs 2

U11 Boys
Hammonton Hurricanes
MUSA Kings 1
MUSA Kings 2
MUSA Mustangs 1
MUSA Mustangs 2
MUSA United 1
MUSA United 2

U12 Girls

U12 Boys

U13 Girls

U13 Boys
Cohansey Premier Venom
EHT Monsters
MUSA Clowns 1
MUSA Clowns 2
MUSA Mavericks 1
MUSA Mavericks 2

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